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Once people are wowed by your sites look & feel they will quickly scan the page content looking for the information they came for. The object of an information architect is not only to get them to the information they seek in as few clicks as possible but also to let them know about your other products and services. The more complex your site becomes as you add more information, features, products and services, the more you need to make it effortless for your viewers. For the average business owner this can be a daunting task and this is where we come in. Our information architect has over 20 years of Fortune 500 experience keeping sites easily navigable. We design information flows for acessibility, ease of use and scalability. 

A simple restraunt flow chart

Above is a flow chart for a simple resturant site. Any one of the top level pages can easily spawn any number of child pages to further explain the information of the parent page and offer aplications. This is scalability at it's simplest form. There is no need to re-code, we simply add links and the new page information to the database. If  anything ever happens to your live site we simply upload a new CMS and templates, restore your database and the site is back up and running in only minutes.

Here we have a blank layout for a mobile app or Mobi website. Our CMS and mobile templates work just like our full scale websites but are optomized for all forms of mobile and tablet devices.

A more complex website might look more like this. The structure is easy to follow and your end users are provided with simple easy to navigate menus and a well structured information flow.

Though more indepth the same process applies to an enterprise network. With extensive training in network availability and both hardware and software configuration and system integration, we can scale up your online presence to fit your business computing environment and build you the infrastrucure that you buisness requires.

We can handle integration with your current business computing environment or help you build a new one that is capable of handling your business needs all the while taking your company's workflow into account, to help you integrate your web presence with your business. We can use your website to harness your employees, teams, inventory, data management and scheduling. We exist to make managing your business and customer relationships easier and less time consuming. We can keep your personnel more informed and your budgets on track.

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